The Bros (2017)

Two brothers who never needed each other are now destined to be together!
Comedy • 102 minutes
Starring: Ma Dong-seok Lee Dong-hwi Lee Ha-nui Jo Woo-jin Song Young-chang Song Sang-eun and others.
Director: Chang You-jeong Writer: Chang You-jeong
Released • November 2, 2017

A penniless history teacher Seok-bong had no interest in how his younger brother Joo-bong, a promising businessman at a construction firm, has been doing his whole life. At their father's funeral, the family reunion is made in many years in their hometown Andong, but Seok-bong is only after the relics at home that could make money and Joo-bong is after winning the contract of Andong highway construction project for his company. One day, they hit a mysterious lady named 'Aurora' by car who starts to suffer from memory loss after the accident. As time goes by, two brothers…

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