Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit (2008)

Action / Adventure • 94 minutes  5.2/10
Starring: Ivan Sergei Joanne Kelly Thure Riefenstein Susan Ward Mario Naim Bassil Sean Lawlor Muhammed Cangören Hakan Silahsizoglu and others.
Released • December 23, 2008

Jack Hunter, an adventurous treasure seeker, goes to Syria after his mentor and father figure Professor Fredrick Shaffer is killed. Professor Frederick Shaffer believed that the people of Ugarit, a town in Syria that existed during the Pharoah’s reign, had buried a treasure before they were wiped out by the Pharoahs. Jack Hunter is one of the few archaeologists in the world who can interpret Ugarit writings

A.K.A. DE: Jack Hunter und die Jagd nach dem verlorenen Schatz  ES: Jack Hunter y el tesoro perdido de Ugarit  FR: Jack Hunter et le trésor perdu d'Ugarit  RU: Джек Хантер: В поисках сокровищ Угарита  US: Jack Hunter: The Lost Treasure of Ugarit